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You are a diamond and you were born to shine.
I would love to guide you in doing the inner work to 
rediscover your brilliance and connect with The Divine.
                                    With Love and Light Always ~Amy

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Hi there, most beautiful soul. I am Amy McAllister and I am so happy and grateful your spirit led you here to The Diamond Discovery.


It is absolutely no accident you’ve found your way here. It is 100 percent a sign from the Divine, which I call a "Godwink"  and my first intention is, for you to feel that I mean it when I say, no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you’ve been through, I believe in you, and my soul loves your beautiful soul.


Yes, the diamond in me, honors the diamond in you, and congratulates you for wherever it is you are at right now, on this beautiful journey of your life that I call, '"The Diamond Discovery"


For years I was blindly living a life where I was searching for meaning, fulfillment, and happiness outside of myself. I was only a dabbler in personal growth and spiritual practices until a ripple effect of loss and tragedy, amongst dysfunctional relationships, behaviors and addictions, knocked me to my darkest hours where the gift of my spiritual awakening began. 


This awakening cracked me open and set me out on a healing journey that will never end. A journey of exploring and delving into all the secrets of the universe to discover and become my most authentic, spiritual, and best self, every. single. day.


The journey of consciously doing the work to heal the past, uncover and break free from broken belief systems, clear and transmute generational curses, blast all fear, discover truth, and live true to my own path and purpose. 


Liken to most of us, my journey has been filled with both the most treacherous of times and the most magical moments. I’ve lived through some of the toughest trials that I now see as blessings in disguise.


They are the gems that sparked the deconstruction of my old self and lead me to the discovery of the gold. They are the jewels of growth that lead me to the healing of my inner child and the discovery of reconnecting with my soul. They are the lessons necessary for the growth of my soul. 


I realize the struggles and losses were also the gifts that have humbled me and caused me to have and still maintain radical gratitude for everything I once took for granted. They are the treasures that make the triumphs much more rewarding and victorious too.


Now that I am on the other side of my spiritual awakening and the dark night of my soul, I am grateful to have known the deepest and darkest pain, because it is the very reason I know the greatest love, shine my brightest light and experience my deepest joys. 


Yes, this journey of life that I call the The Diamond Discovery has been everything but easy for me so far, but it is so worth all the pressure it took for me to become the diamond I am today. 


It is an absolute blessing my life became so rough on the outside that it forced me to look deep on the inside where I found my greatest treasure. The treasure I call my diamond, my spirit, and/or my higher self.


It is my soul connection to God, The Cosmos and All Of The Divine, and the knowing of the most beautiful and unconditional love that was written in the stars, just for me.


It is my relationship with the maker of my destiny who is guiding me and co-creating with me on this spiritual journey of living the life my soul was meant to live. 


Just like the words I hear Whitney Houston singing over and over again in my head, “I found The Greatest Love Of All inside of me.” 


This most magical soul connection became my inner compass keeping me on track and committed to personal growth and self mastery for complete healing.


It is my very own north star leading me to reclaim my destiny that is much bigger than myself. It is the fire that fuels my deepest love and passion for discovering, strengthening and sharing every spiritual gift I have been given.


It is the calling inside of me that lives to give, contribute in every way possible, and do my part to help heal the world. 


Because I now know how magical life is living in alignment with spirit , it’s only natural, that one of my greatest passions is helping seekers of spirit like yourself, Discover The Diamond Within through The Diamond Discovery Podcast, Workshops, Seminars, Retreats and my Music.  


I am also extremely passionate about teaching energy healing with I AM Diamond Soul Energy Healing.


It makes my heart burst to witness the breakthroughs that happen whether you enter your spiritual awakening path by choice or have been forced into it like I was. 


Nothing brings me more joy than to see you shining your brightest because you too are living true to your inner essence, radiance and brilliance. 


Living in your truth will undoubtedly spark your innermost desires to delve into the spiritual tools and gifts that are waiting to be discovered and implemented for you to live your most magical life.


That is The Diamond Discovery. Living the life that far exceeds your wildest dreams and imagination, the one that far exceeds that of the physical mind and body. The Diamond Discovery is YOUR own real life treasure hunt, it is YOUR own path, it is YOU in alignment with all of The Divine, it is YOU on your path of passion and purpose, it is YOU on the journey of living the life your soul was meant to live.

It is such a magical journey as the pressure of life makes us stronger.  We peel back each layer of deeply held beliefs and fear and we just keep shining brighter and brighter.
~Amy McAllister

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