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Are You Ready To Heal Your Life and Illuminate Your Brilliance?

How about crushing those broken belief systems and limitations? Are you ready to forgive, and let go of all fear? Transform your state of mind, transmute all negative emotions, and break free from generational curses? Are you ready to experience the most massive shift, that results in the most magical miracles pouring into your life, and at record speed? 


Well, you’ve got it most beautiful soul!


I am over the moon excited for you as my spirit shouts out, 831 IT IS DONE!


Through a process of “cleaning” (the data and programming)“clearing” (the path) and “connecting” (to The Divine, and Everything and Everyone) in the highest vibration of love, through your Higher Consciousness, and the newly channeled 13 dimension, this is all possible. 


This most powerful clearing and cleaning energy healing method, modality, process, and tool and it all starts with repeating these phrases, that are the most sacred and powerful Ho'oponopono prayer:



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The Meaning and Power of 831 

831 means - 8 Letters 3 Words 1 Meaning I LOVE YOU

and I LOVE YOU is the most beautiful, powerful, and

healing phrase on the planet.

IT IS DONE. is the phrase with the highest vibration and

claim when finalizing a statement on something that has

occurred, or something that you are declaring to occur.


It is a declarative AMEN and most powerful final

declaration to manifest miracles into your life.


is a Cleaning, Clearing, and Connecting

Energy Healing Tool used in Halo Healing with


More About The Meaning and Power of IT IS DONE.

 IT IS DONE  has been downloaded with the powerful transmuting energy and meaning being the end of us doing the work (from the ego) and the beginning of God’s Work, The Work of The Divine. (The spirit).  It is the beginning of us doing the work to get to what we call "Home Zero" (the state of nothingness) where everything is healed, and everything is possible.  The state where we are unstoppable, and both healing and miracles happen - at record speed.

The 831 IT IS DONE with Ho'oponopono Course is a mandatory course before taking The Halo Healing Course and/or becoming a Halo Healing Practitioner. 

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