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To breathe is to live, and our breath is our anchor. 


Our breath not only supplies us with oxygen to nourish our cells, it regulates all the other systems in our bodies, and it helps shift and release blockages.  


Breathing helps move DIAMOND, Prana, or Chi life force energy throughout the body, from our nervous, to lymphatic, and chakra systems, breath work helps clean, clear, and transmute emotions, pain, and/or issues that have become blocked or stuck in the body. 


Conscious breathing is one of the quickest and simplest ways to balance your mood and your mind, while connecting you to your heart and spirit center, aka HOME ZERO ZONE.


Yes, breathwork is one of our most powerful healing tools and it’s absolutely free and always accessible.


This simple 7-7-7-7 Diamond Breathing Technique is the perfect healing modality to incorporate into your everyday routine. 


It is easy to learn, and you can do it anywhere.


For best results, find a quiet place, or high energy vibrational music. (However, you can do it anywhere, under any conditions)


Sit or stand with your back straight and your eyes closed.


Focus your attention on your breath.


Clear your nostrils and airway with peppermint or breathe essential oils.


Slowly inhale through the nose, for a count of 7 seconds, while raising both arms upwards at your sides and landing with your hands to touch, in prayer position, at your heart center. 


Hold your breath for 7 seconds, with hands in prayer position, at your heart canter, consciously bringing in all the highest vibrations and intentions. Breath retention (holding) helps your organs to release stale blood and release toxins.


Exhale for 7 seconds, exhaling all negative emotions and energy, while simultaneously exploding with gratitude for all the lessons, miracles, and blessings you are bringing into your life.


Repeat as many times as needed to feel centered.


Then, finish building your energy up with THE DIAMOND HAH ENERGY, cleaning, clearing and connecting exercise. Vocally expressing the “HAH” sound while pumping air in and out. Both inhaling and exhaling through your mouth, “HAH” 7 times, and then holding the last “HAH” before repeating. Hands our placed on your solar plexus while sending the energy to all areas of your body in need of healing.

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