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I AM DIAMOND SOUL HEALING is a SPIRITual energy healing method that reconnects the soul to our higher consciousness, highest knowing, and direct wisdom of Divine Source. It opens up and awakens the power, inner vibrancy, and life force of the MIND, and activates the BODY’s energetic system for healing, while grounding us strongly in the roots of our earthly and human experience, purpose, and mission… all at the same time.  


I AM DIAMOND SOUL HEALING is healing for the SPIRIT, MIND, and BODY (in that order) used to remove physical, emotional, and mental dysfunction by breaking through, cleaning, and clearing the blocked feelings and emotions, negative thought patterns, habits, and limiting belief systems that are often passed on from generation to generation. It is also used to release the pain of trapped and/or buried emotions, resulting from personal trauma and/or soul crushing life experiences.


DIAMOND SOUL HEALING restores our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual vitality and well-being through, uncovering, removing and releasing = transmuting, then, downloading, inputing, and integrating = upgrading and connecting.

Doing the discovery work to live a life that is intentionally clear and clean of all energetic blocks in the mind and body, while being connected to The Divine Spirit through our soul, results in our energy flowing at the highest and healthiest voltage and vibration. 


To be aligned with the Divine is the greatest gift and that is why the most important relationship you will ever have, beyond any and all other relationships, is the relationship you have with yourself - through the Divine.


Become an I AM DIAMOND SOUL HEALING Integrative Holistic and Energy Healing Practitioner after healing yourself through the 831 IT IS DONE Healing Course and Modality.


Details and dates of courses coming soon.

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