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Amy McAllister is a lover of faith, family, and friends who was born to be a part of the music, self-discovery, and healing industries. At the age of 50 she is living her biggest childhood dream of being “all the things.” A mom, a Brownie (aka Grandma) a multi award winning singer, songwriter and performer, a self-help coach and energy healer. She is a natural born leader, businesswoman and humanitarian who shares her music, story, and modalities in hopes to bless and heal the world.

Amy gives her whole heart to everything she does, and her music is no exception. Her first album, 'Building Reasons And Dreams,' was dedicated in honor and memory of her brother Brad, featuring songs from the heart that are healing for the soul. Amy’s music is inspiring and has brought healing to people all over the world who are in recovery, struggling with mental health issues, coping with the loss of loved ones or in need of inspiration to live life to the fullest.

Given her dedication to "paying it forward," Amy always says “yes” to her music supporting a cause, no matter how large or small the platform. She reaches out whenever and wherever possible, making a difference worldwide, by supporting many philanthropic causes and charities. Her latest music is dedicated to Mental Health, and Suicide Awareness and Prevention. The song Spread Hope Send Love began as the theme for a Suicide Awareness and Prevention event at the Red Cliffs Mall and has evolved into what Amy feels is another version of “We are the World.” She is currently collaborating with many artists and musicians from The Recording Academy - Grammys and is over the moon to be releasing this song in 2023. She will tell you it is all happening because, “Bigger than any dream I could ever dream, is the one God dreams for me.”

Borrowed from one of her original hit songs, Amy's mantra is "Shoot For The Moon, You'll Land Among The Stars." She has a passion for helping people through life's toughest challenges and inspiring them to live their biggest dreams. Yes, Amy’s biggest dream is that everyone gets to live theirs. She wants everyone to succeed, and she truly intends to continue shining her own light, while helping others shine their brightest too.

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