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Energy Healing is a healing system that restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the spirit/soul, mind, and body. This technique works directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of well-being.  It is used to clear various , especially health issues and ailments related to emotional and mental health energy. and blocks.  Energy Healing knows no time, distance or space and allows us to heal past traumas in person or from a distance.


We Sparkle Like Diamonds
When We Shine Bright Like Our Soul
-Amy McAllister

"We shall find peace. We shall hear angels, We shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds."


"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it."

- Helen Keller.


Energy healing offers the potential for a shift in physiological state and present moment awareness


“A healer's power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.” 
― Eric Micha'el Leventhal

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