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5 Steps for Making Affirmations Work for You

The powerful technique of affirmations has helped thousands of people obtain everything they desire. Many people practice positive affirmations daily, but not everyone manages to benefit. Affirmations work a lot like visualization and setting goals. If you practice affirmations but aren't enjoying the results, then you are probably doing something wrong. Here are five simple steps for making affirmations work for you.

Step #1 – You Must Feel It

Many people don't see results from their daily affirmations because they are merely doing it for the sake of doing it. They aren't associating any emotions or feelings with their affirmations. If you want your affirmations to work for you, then you have to include positive feeling words in your affirmations. When you can feel the emotions, your affirmations will become much more powerful and effective.

Step #2 – Repetition is Key

You will never achieve significant results by taking a single step. The same principle also applies to your affirmations. You have to practice them every day if you want to make them real. You can't just do it once and then forget about it. You have to repeat your affirmations every day until it becomes a habit. When your affirmations become habits, only then will you start seeing the results.

Step #3 – Turn Your Affirmations Into Your Habit

If you want to get the most out of your positive affirmations, you have to turn the practice into a habit. This means that you should repeat your statements at the same time every day. The best times to practice your affirmations is once in the morning and once before you go to sleep. Repeating your affirmations right before you go to sleep at night, it helps your subconscious mind continue to work on what you want in your life.

Step #4 – Belief That it Will Happen

Most people will do their affirmations, but they don't believe that they are going to get what they desire. If you don't believe in something, you will never put in the effort required to obtain it. You will never take action. Your beliefs define your action, and when you believe that you are going to achieve it, you will do whatever it takes to get it.

Step #5 – Commit and Take Action

If you want your affirmations to work for you, then you have to put in your commitment to achieving what you want. If you want to have a slim body, then you have to be committed to that outcome and take action by working out and eating better.

If you want your affirmations to work for you, then you have to be determined that they will. Practice your affirmations daily, with feeling and emotion, and you'll be amazed at how quickly your desires are manifested.

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