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With her years of experience in helping others heal, Amy is excited to be bringing back memorable experiences and tools that spread hope, send love, and bring healing and awareness through media and music.


It has been a dream of hers for years to deliver a variety of quality content that will inspire others to live the life their soul was meant to live.

On Air Sign

Undoubtedly, it is Amy McAllister who loves to shine the light on others. Watch here for her upcoming podcast, where she will feature The Diamond Discovery "'Diamond Stories" 

Amy will share compelling stories of compassion, heroism, courage, and strength, through interviews with some of the brightest diamonds that illuminate the world with their hearts, talents and brilliance.




Watch here for more information relating to upcoming events,, retreats, seminars, and concerts!

If you haven't yet experienced an event  hosted or sponsored by Amy McAllister,  get ready to have the time of your life. while being inspired to shine bright like a diamond, shine bright like your soul.

Together We Are Blessing And Healing The World

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